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The new Retail Training Technology?


Skilled staff from day one! Every retail company needs to have this ambition to face the challenges of today and tomorrow. Don’t settle for mediocre performance. Ensure excellent customer service by guaranteed skilled staff at all times. Jutten is a worldwide leading company providing retail companies with the most advanced online training platform for Retail. In highly interactive simulations of your own store environment employees are trained on customer approach, store procedures and use of systems. Many retail organizations use our training applications to prepare new-hires for their first day on the job, train staff just-in-time before the roll-out of new technology or systems and increase the effect of campaigns. Step into the next generation of training! Are you Next Generation Proof?

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This is the new Retail Training Technology: it’s better, it’s simpler, it’s cheaper.  


Better; skilled staff from day one

Simpler; simplified training process

Cheaper; 70% cost reduction

Use our technology for

Roll-out training


Are you planning to rollout a new innovative system or technology? With our training solution you’re able to train thousands of employees in a very short time. All of this without organizational struggles, with the ability to track progress and results to make sure everybody is skilled before you go live…

New hire training


How do you ensure that all of your new employees are trained in a proper and uniform manner? We combine the best of simulation, e-learning and serious gaming to create a training experience that is proven to be more effective than on-the-job training…

Campaign training


Are you about to implement that cutting-edge campaign? It will only be truly effective when store employees become the best promotors and executers. Develop and motivate them by means of the most advanced serious gaming training platform…

Continuous training


Every retailer is continuously changing store processes, updating systems and introducing new programs. How do you guarantee every employee has up-to-date knowledge and skills? Our flexible training platform gives you the tool to make this happen…

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  • Complete new Cashier Trainer for EMTE supermarkets

    We have built a completely new Cashier Trainer for EMTE supermarkets. The new Cashier Trainer is being used for all current cashiers to learn to work with a new system and in the new store concept but also for all new hires. New features: Real-time......

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    Customers in the virtual store are behaving more and more realistic. How is this possible? What does it take? We would like to give you a short impression in the making process of virtual shopping customers. The first step is to have realistic characters that......

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