Complete new Cashier Trainer for EMTE supermarkets

We have built a completely new Cashier Trainer for EMTE supermarkets. The new Cashier Trainer is being used for all current cashiers to learn to work with a new system and in the new store concept but also for all new hires.

New features:

  • Real-time animated shopping customers.
  • Customers use a shopping cart or basket for their grocery.
  • An animated store manager that helps you; gives change when you’re out, makes corrections that you as a regular cashier are not able to do.
  • Selling alcohol; check ID’s, applying regulations of alcohol sales.
  • Use of security cam; cashier has to use the security cam to check if there is anything in the shopping cart. If you detect some articles with the security cam you learn to address the customers.

  • Watch the trailer to see the new features in practice.

    Building process

    We developed this project according the scrum method. In this agile development process the customer is closely involved in the project. The customer is actively engaged in the sprint meetings. Building a Cashier Trainer is teamwork and can only be successful when developing together with our customers.