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Retail Training Technology


A 3D Simulation of your store environment, including cutomers that you can interact with, objects you can use and systems you can operate. Combined with a virtual coach that gives instructions and feedback. This is what your employees get to gain the required skills for the job. Behind the scenes is our Retail Training Technology.



Cashier Trainer

At the heart of every retail organisation is the checkout. This is the place where the flows of articles and money meet and this is where the last interaction with the customer takes place. You expect your cashiers to master up to 70 different checkout procedures, to deliver excellent service to customers, to be proactive on commercial opportunities, to be aware of losses and fraude, to work fast and accurate, to have the basic math skills required, …

The Jutten Cashier Trainer helps many retail organisations to skill their new employees, to train existing staff in case of changes and to prepare them for new programms and commercial campaigns.

Mobility, self-checkout and omnichannel

Retail is changing rapidly, and so is the role of your store employee. The traditional cashier is replaced by a self-checkout attendant, PDA’s are used for in-store logistic and they get assistance from tablets and kiosks to increase service and sales.  Employees are expected to adapt their behaviour to the new innovations. In other words, they have to learn constantly.

To learn, they need practise and coaching. We provide this by means of a virtual store, and a virtual coach. We simulate any workplace, including any system your employees have to work with. whether it’s a self-checkout station, a PDA, a kiosk or the next new thing.

Learning Analytics

Learning Analytics

While your employees are working in the simulated store, everything they do is measured and analysed. This results in detailed scores on competences. At any time you have insight in the achievements of your employees. Store managers can monitor progress and results of their own staff, and follow up on these. You get everything you need to distribute, manage and track learning. All in the cloud so without any hardware investments or software installations required.

Do you have a Learning Mangement System? We make sure learners inside your LMS get access through your learning portal and results are visible inside your LMS.


  • Retail training available as web application, iPad App, Android App and desktop application
  • Retail training ‘inside’ or ‘outside’ Learning Management System, online or offline
  • Learning analytics: detailed insight in progress, test results and competence scores
  • Cloud solution: progress and results stored in the cloud or in your own Learning Management System
  • Fast customisation to your own store environment, procedures and systems
  • Highly configurable; multiple languages, currencies and store formats in one training application
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