Serious gaming

Are you ahead of the curve or playing catch-up to competition?

Why gaming?


Did you know that as planet we spend over 3 billions hours at playing video-, simulation or online games every week? That’s one of the reasons that we believe that simulation by gamification is the new way of learning. Learning by virtual reality and simulated role playing has more impact than the traditional learning methods.

Gamification is the use of game thinking and mechanics in a non-game context to inspire employees and students to get engaged in the learning process. Our retail technology is based on this new way of learning. It is highly effective by the level of activity, motivation, interactivity and engagement. Read more in the free white paper of TNO about the way gamification can contribute to make your company Next Generation Proof!

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Serious gaming by Jutten


Our training Technology is based on a number of proven educational principles:


    1. Learning by experimentation; it has been proven that people learn better when they can discover, make mistakes and improve themselves. Simulation provides a safe learning environment.
    2. Zone of proximal development; to be able to learn, the level of the material needs to be sufficiently challenging, but also attainable (not too easy and not too difficult). The concentric structure in our trainings ensures that, building on the level the trainee has mastered, increasingly more difficult exercises are offered.
    3. Scaffolding; practice alone is insufficient. To be able to learn, proper guidance is necessary. The trainee needs to do things independently as much as possible, but also needs to be supported when necessary (scaffold = support at the right level). The built-in virtual coach gives feedback, advice and reflection on various levels, depending on the needs of the trainee.
    4. Game dynamics; the use of game elements does not only increase the attractiveness, but also the effectiveness of learning. The trainee is much more involved and more motivated to improve himself. We apply various game dynamics, not as an end but as a means to train your employees in a better way.
    5. On-the-job training; everyone knows the power of learning in practice. The trainee (apprentice) receives instruction and guidance from an experienced employee (master). The effectiveness of an on-the-job trainer has everything to do with optimal transfer. Knowledge and skills are taught in practice so that they are directly applicable. We combine the power of on-the-job training with the benefits of e-learning.