Well trained employees are your number one asset

Always up-to-date skills


To stay ahead of competition, every retailer needs to innovate continuously. Wheter it’s a new POS function, an improved loyalty program, changed regulations for the sale of alcohol, the introduction of a savings campaign or that new add-on sale item; it will only work if your employees evolve simultaneously.

How do your employees keep up with these changes? How do you keep skills of existing employees fresh and up-to-date?

With our flexible training platform you have the tool to get well trained employees. New employees train themselves in the virtual store environment that is easily adapted in case of changes in systems or procedures. Existing employees get short training modules that train and test the change at hand. Refresher trainings guarantee that skills are always at the required level.

Your benefits


  • Just-in-time training for changes
  • Always up-to-date training of new-hires
  • Permanent quality level by means of regular refresher training and testing
  • Tracking of training progress end test results
  • Insight in problematic competences
  • Self-paced training, available anytime, anyplace any device

Better: Up-to-date trained staff at all times0

Simpler: all staff trained just-in-time with the push of a button0

Cheaper: reduction of training costs 0