New hires

Skilled staff from day one

Guaranteed staff quality


Skilled staff is crucial in modern retail. You want your employees to offer the very best customer experience and to work productively and with great accuracy. They must execute store procedures, be proficient in oparating all kinds of systems and be attentive and communicative towards your customers.

With high staff turnover rates, it’s quite a challenge to guarantee high quality standards. Although the traditional training-on-the-job approach can be effective, in practise there are serious disadvantages.¬†Training time which is always under pressure, lack of uniformity, ever changing systems and procedures, absence of quality control mechanisms; just to name some of the challenges you have to deal with.

Our training technology offers¬†the same experience as on-the-job training; a realistic and highly interactive simulation of your own store environment including a built-in intelligent virtual coach. Your employees practise a variety of lifelike scenario’s by which they gain all the experience and confidence required for the job, even before their first working day has begun.

Your benefits


  • Huge reduction of training time and costs
  • Quaranteed trained and tested employees
  • No poor customer experience due to untrained / being trained staff
  • All scenario’s covered in training, including exceptions
  • Increase of customer service level, decrease of errors
  • Uniform and consitstent training of procedures and customer service matters
  • Fit with the new generation; gamified mobile training
  • Increase of self-confidence for new-hires
  • Tracking of training progress, test results and competence scores
  • Always up-to-date training

Better: uniform trained and tested employees0

Simpler: new-hires train themselves before first working day0

Cheaper: reduction of training costs0