Creating empowered ambassadors with the new cashier trainer

Effective campaigns


Field or Point-of-Sale marketing campaigns rely on face-to-face communication; they place the reputation of the brand and service in the hands of a multitude of individuals. For this reason, success of a field marketing campaign depends on effective training of personnel. Point-of-Sale employees need to understand the essentials, promote the campaign and execute the procedures involved accurately.

How to bring the message to thousands of employees just in time, while campaign planning is always under pressure? The regular methods of bief instructions to Point-of-Sale employees or information sessions by store managers have only limited effect.

In our training platform your employees will gain hands on experience. Different scenario’s are easily integrated in the simulation of your store environment. In these realistic scenario’s employees will learn how to communicate the campaign at the Point-of-Sale, how to execute the procedures and how to deal with all kinds of customer questions and exceptions. All in no more than half an hour of online training, without supervision.

Your benefits


  • Increased campaign effect because employees are experienced promotors
  • No complicate logistics needed for planning and organisation of training
  • You control how the campaign is trained; uniformly and consistent
  • You control who is trained at which time
  • You control quality by means of the integrated test
  • Learning analytics; insight in detailed competence scores
  • Flexible training; in store or at home, on any device, at any time
  • Flexible simulation platform; fast integration of scenarions for a specific campaign

Better: increased campaign effect0

Simpler: reduction of organisational problems0

Cheaper: reduction of training costs0