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Retailer Readiness for Tomorrow’s Store by using the latest training technology

Hassle free rollout training


Innovative retail technologies offer promising solutions to drive your business. Whether it is the next generation POS system or a new omni-channel solution, it will have major impact on your store operations, customer service and more. A critical component of these changes is the evolution of your most valuable assets: your people.

When you’re planning the implementation of a new system or technology you want the rollout to be as smooth as possible. But how do you make sure every single store employee has the required skills and attitude, before you go live? The traditional way is to setup a training program with trainers traveling from store to store to give face-to-face instructions. This is a huge organizational challenge, while the effectiveness is very doubtful because there is no time for individual instruction and employees hardly get the chance to practice in a realistic scenario.

We will build a virtual store environment that not only simulates the system you are about to implement, but also the context in which it is used. This holistic approach enables your employees to practice with real life situations. A Virtual coach guides the employee through all the procedures and exceptions.

Your benefits


  • Simultaneous training of unlimited number of employees
  • No organizational problems because employees train themselves without supervision
  • No training facilities needed; train anywhere, anytime, any device
  • Standardization of store procedures
  • Tracking of training progress and test results
  • Huge reduction of helpdesk calls after go live
  • Insights in problematic functions of the new system
  • Future proof; flexible, scalable and easily maintainable training platform

Better: skilled staff before go-live0

Simpler: reduction of organisational problems0

Cheaper: reduction of training costs0