The new features of the Virtual Skills Lab training program

We are very proud to announce that this month, the 100,000th student enrolled in our Virtual Skills Lab training program! Since 2013 we offer students in intermediate vocational education, several of our training programs, such as the Cashier Trainer food and non-food. Not only in the Netherlands people are trained with this generic Cashier Trainer, also in Belgium and the United States it is being used as an educational tool. Because we want to keep improving our training programs, we are now working on an update of our Virtual Skills Lab training programs. The updated and improved versions should be up and running in the new school year, September 2016. At this moment we are working on the non-food Cashier Trainer. After that the food version will be under construction.

What does the update and improvement mean? The biggest improvement will be the structure of course. Previously a lesson would start with a demonstration of a cash register procedure. After that demonstration, the student practiced the procedure for itself. With our new and improved method, we combine those two into an active guided step. This means that you will get instruction exactly at the moment that you need it, so you can apply that information immediately. This is not only a better way to offer instruction, it is also more efficient because you don’t have to watch the whole demonstration before you can practise yourself. Because of this, the learning efficiency will improve.

Another way to improve and update our training programs, is to review the content of the training and collect feedback. We are now setting up an expert panel of teachers and professionals to do so. By doing this, Virtual Skills Lab will improve and fit better with the newest cash register procedures now available on the market.

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